Our System for Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Systems is Proven to Work

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service is the removal of any and all grease contaminants within the kitchen exhaust system. This is done to prevent any potential grease fires from spreading past the cook-line, where they would originate – and moving into the hood and ductwork.

Bare Metal Standard’s mission has forged the industry forward by promoting and educating their customers to require not just better, but the very BEST industry service possible, what we call our Bare Metal Standard.

Our franchise owners and employees are ushered into a successful brand family with a training program that creates immediate impact with outfitted uniforms, service vehicles and equipment, sales and marketing materials, and proprietary scheduling software to promote a culture of long-term success and community involvement.


Education is the foundation of our success. We take the training and investment that we put into each technician that puts on the Bare Metal Standard uniform seriously. That is why we have an intense initial training course for each new franchisee as well as ongoing training support as they grow their business.

Initial Franchisee Training

To ensure that each market completes their work to the same high quality standard, we devote two weeks of initial training to each new franchisee. During this time, we expose the attendees to the many different scenarios they could possibly encounter in the field.


We take the time to sit down with each attendee and explain the equipment and the NFPA 96 Standard. We go over why this service is needed, how to properly service the system, and several in-the-field scenarios. Along with the service process itself, each attendee will be familiarized with our unique scheduling software based upon the position and role within their franchise.

This gives each attendee a solid foundation on which to build their knowledge.

Lab Training

When learning how to service a kitchen exhaust system, it is important to have hands-on training to learn the proper techniques. Our training lab allows attendees to repeatedly stage mock jobs and learn the proper service application that we have refined over the past 50 years.

Practical Application

Once the technicians fully understand the service process, we take them into the field to service operational commercial kitchen exhaust systems. This brings our training full circle and ensures that once completed, the attendees will be able to go back into their local market and properly complete basic jobs.

Ongoing Training

To ensure that all franchisees can economically hire and train new employees using the same process and practices as all Bare Metal Standard certified technicians, Bare Metal Standard has developed an online training platform.

Training modules are designed for every technical level. The goal is for each franchisee to have a certified trainer to keep their workforce educated and properly trained for their service work. This ensures that each kitchen exhaust system is completely cleaned to be fire safe and that jobs are being completed in the most efficient manner.

Managing Your Franchise

Imagine a business where you can see the fruits of your labor at every move. With our software suite, you are able to track sales and marketing campaigns as well as shift profitability and job schedules.

Bare Metal Standard has these tools for you:

Customized CRM

Guiding and tracking your sales forces will be vital to your success. To assist the owner and manager with the transparency of the sales process, Bare Metal Standard provides a CRM (customer relationship management) system that is designed for your business.

From managing your sales funnel to managing quality assurance with your customer, our CRM can do it all.

Proprietary Scheduling Software

Bare Metal Standard has developed our own proprietary scheduling software. Scheduling a rotational body of work, invoicing, tracking crew hours, consumable inventory, customer notes, job descriptions, and day to day profitability is all at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless when you are this organized.

Unique/Local Web-page

Our marketing partners will work with you to develop an initial marketing campaign that includes a customized website, SEO plan, mailers and other programs to help drive local branding and sales out of the gate. In addition, Bare Metal Standard will be working on similar regional and national campaigns to help drive leads to you.

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