Our Franchise Network is Unique and Built to Help You Grow

National and Regional Sales

Bare Metal Standard has a unique franchise support network of National and Regional Sales. Some accounts may cover multiple franchises, multiple states, and even have a national footprint. Bare Metal Standard corporate has dedicated itself to closing these accounts and pushing these sales to you.

Bare Metal Standard provides this unique support because large brands have long sought a single vendor solution that can be trusted to provide high quality service throughout the country. Bare Metal Standard’s mission is to build that franchise network for independent business owners to provide the same effective kitchen exhaust cleaning solution across all markets.

Through the growth of our franchise network, we intend to fulfill the goal of unifying the standard of kitchen exhaust cleaning service across all available markets within the United States, ensuring the fire safety of countless individuals, properties, and communities across the country.

Technical support. 24/7 Technical Support

Don’t let the fear of managing crews at night turn you away from possible profits.

Bare Metal Standard can help with our 24/7 technical support line. Managers and technicians can call in to discuss on the job issues they encounter, whether it be equipment issues, complex kitchen exhaust system designs and how to complete the work, or best practices in dealing with customers.

Trust us, sometimes it’s nice to have support during a night shift.

Sales and Bidding Support

When delivering kitchen exhaust cleaning proposals, the pricing will vary drastically with the design of the kitchen exhaust system. Since many systems are unique in their design, your sales force will spend a large portion of time analyzing the more complicated systems. When encountering these complicated designs, Bare Metal Standard is available to assist in any way possible. Whether it’s a phone conversation or emailing pictures of the system and its blueprints, this support is always available.

This type of support is unlike any other franchise model, and provides an additional service to your customer as well. It will be easy to differentiate your customer service and ability to deliver results against the local competition.

Our Service is Unique

A Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service is a major fire and safety component that can be overlooked when considering a facility’s overall health. It tends to be a service that is out of sight, out of mind. This type of attitude combined with poor industry standards has led many customers to search for the lowest price when comparing service providers. With this understanding, Bare Metal Standard’s mission in the industry is to promote and educate their customers to require not just better, but the very BEST industry service possible. This is what we call our Bare Metal Standard.

How do we know we are different?

Bare Metal Standard’s founders have been exposed to the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry for over 50 + years. With this market research, it has become evident to us as a company that the current industry standard limits itself to being no better than code compliant.

Kitchen exhaust systems are mandated to be serviced on regular intervals by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Standard 96. However, due to one specific code, there can be a large difference between having a code compliant kitchen exhaust system and a truly fire safe kitchen exhaust system.

11.6.14 – After cleaning or inspection is completed, the exhaust cleaning company and the person performing the work at the location shall provide the owner of the system with a written report that also specifies areas that were inaccessible or not cleaned.

What does this mean?

This means that any vendor servicing a kitchen exhaust system may leave portions of the system unclean as long as they notify the owner. Grease, the main potential fire hazard, could still remain within the kitchen exhaust system as long as the vendor claimed they were unable to service the complete system.

Why does this code exist?

This code exists because of two factors:

  1. The increased complexity of systems and
  2. Limited service processes

1) With larger buildings and complicated architectural designs, some systems have long stretches of vertical and horizontal ductwork (up to to hundreds of feet) that can be difficult or impossible to service. Cleaning long stretches of ductwork can be aided by having access doors within the ductwork (Code access points every 12 ft. of ductwork).

2) The limitations of vendor service processes exists because many vendors only have a process to clean areas of the kitchen exhaust system that can be physically touched with a scraper or pressure washer. This service process only cleans portions of the system that are easy to see or access while areas of the ductwork that are harder to reach are considered ‘inaccessible’ and not serviced.

Our teams of highly-trained technicians are capable of cleaning any kitchen exhaust system, no matter its complexity. ALL grease deposits are removed from the system during service and ALL risk of a potential exhaust system fire are avoided. We are proud to deliver this Bare Metal Standard of service at a level that surpasses any industry standards practiced today.

This proprietary service process allows all Bare Metal Standard franchisees to provide customers with the absolute best value when it comes to service cleaning a complete kitchen exhaust system.