Our Ethics Are Shared

As kids we grew up in a family business, my father’s original hood and exhaust cleaning company. As adults, our original Bare Metal Standard was a family business too — and today we’re proud to have family members and dear friends all working in the business. When you serve with family and all of the people you care about most you figure out what you stand for pretty quick.

Around here our values are shared: honesty, open communication, transparency and comprehensive support is what matters most. Here’s why:


We stand for telling the truth and doing what we say. Period. Our work may not always be glamorous but it just might save a life — so we’re honest to the bone. Customers and partners like fire departments and inspectors appreciate our ethics and count on us for the truth. Our family of franchise owners need to hear the facts and like it that we’re forthright. Many of them report that it’s our blunt honesty that first attracted them to Bare Metal Standard.

Open Communication

Communicating openly is the only way to really succeed in business. We stay in touch and we don’t tiptoe around the big conversations. For franchise owners, we’ve built a 24/7 support system to ensure we’re always available. Have a question at midnight? Feel like you’re the only guy working in the dark to get a customer’s system clean by 8am? You’re not. Want access to other owners, all over the country? You’ve got it. And most importantly, we’re here for you.


Transparency goes farther than honesty. It means that we make the information you need readily available. We’re a public company and franchise owners and investors have what they need right at their fingertips. Need a pricing portal to take the guess work out of your job? You’ve got it. Have questions about fees or expanding your franchise investment? Our pricing and terms are right out in the open, just check our site. And our team is available when you need us.

Comprehensive Support

Running a new business shouldn’t be hard. We make sure it isn’t by providing you the support you need. Comprehensive training. A national sales team. In house support. A pricing portal. Proven marketing tactics and the team to get it done. A CRM system to manage it all. We’ve proven our model and built a support system unlike anyone else.