Market Potential is Rapidly Increasing

The kitchen exhaust cleaning industry has existed for as long as there has been commercial cooking facilities.

Every commercial facility that has cooking operations is a potential customer. These locations are typically thought of as restaurants, but can also include hospitals, nursing homes, colleges and universities, grocery stores, employee cafeterias, sporting venues, casinos, military facilities and any other locations that prepares food on a regular basis.

The growth of this market has rapidly increased within the past few decades. As you can see in the graph below, all emerging segments of the market have steadily increased with restaurants becoming a standout, surpassing all present-day categories in 1984.

Commercial kitchens throughout the years.

This trend has not slowed down and continues to grow. According to the National Restaurant Association, within the restaurant industry alone there are currently over 1 million locations within the United States.

The increasing complexity of facilities is another factor accelerating the growth of the Kitchen Exhaust Service industry. With the creation of unique eatery designs and complex multiple story locations, the industry must now provide services on kitchen exhaust systems bending to meet these architectural designs. This means service duration on a free standing, single unit burger joint will be much faster than an eight-story building with a steakhouse in the basement. As architectural design continues to advance, kitchen exhaust systems will continue to grow more complex.