Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

May 10, 2018
Common objections from customer for your kitchen exhaust cleaning business.

Answer 4 Common Objections from Potential Customers for Your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service

Not all of your customers or clients will understand the importance and value of the kitchen exhaust cleaning service you provide. Sometimes it is your job as the vendor to educate and inform them on matters of fire safety and compliance. Here are some common objections we see in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry and how you can answer them.   1. Why can’t my own staff just do the cleaning? Why should I bother with a professional company that costs me more? It will not […]
March 13, 2018
Kitchen exhaust cleaning industry has growing market potential.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service Has Growing Market Potential

Whether you’re considering purchasing a franchise yourself or you have an invested interest in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry as a commercial kitchen owner, this cleaning service continues to grow in demand. Over time, the number of available eateries, bars, and other commercial cooking operations has only grown. Look around you! That new microbrew pub that popped up down the street, the new fast food chain on the corner, and that new hospital that opened up recently will all need kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance services […]
February 22, 2018
Key influencers in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

The 4 Key Influencers for the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Industry

When it comes to the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry, there are four main “influencers” that drive current standards and conduct. These four influencers include the customers, those that own or manage commercial kitchens; the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), otherwise known as the fire department; the vendors that provide the cleaning services; and most importantly, the third-party influencers that can provide validity for services from vendors. These four different groups encompass the quality control maintained by the industry. Customers For many customers this is a required service, […]
October 15, 2017
A kitchen exhaust system as seen from the roof.

Kitchen Exhaust Systems: Simple to Complex Ductwork Designs

Kitchen exhaust systems can be as different as the kitchens they serve. Whether it’s a straight and vertical shot from stovetop to rooftop or there are multiple twists and turns involved in the ductwork, kitchen exhaust cleaners must be able to work with any system. As multipurpose facilities and mixed-use developments become increasingly popular, kitchen exhaust systems must adapt to a variety of buildings. Especially when it comes to multilevel structures, kitchen exhaust systems must wind through each level to get to the roof for proper […]
September 1, 2017
Matchbox House Risk Mitigation

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning is a Risk Mitigation Strategy for Business Owners

Regular maintenance for your commercial kitchen exhaust system will keep it working efficiently, maintain healthy indoor air quality, and increase the productivity and longevity of your cooking equipment. The benefits of a scheduled maintenance regimen far outweigh the costs for regularly maintaining your equipment. With proper maintenance, you can expect better performance, fewer breakdowns, and avoid a fire that could threaten to destroy your entire building. Regularly scheduled cleanings also lower energy costs, prevent roof damage from grease accumulation and create a comfortable and clean environment […]