A Franchise System with Recurring Revenue

A Franchise System with Recurring Revenue

Franchise recurring revenue.

Franchise system with recurring revenue.

Bare Metal Standard is a unique franchise network. We’ve been in this business for years and have learned that kitchen exhaust cleaning is an increasingly needed service in America. It’s also a business model that won’t go out of style. Fire safety never goes out of style. These are some of the reasons that we decided to develop our successful small business into a franchise network. We wanted to share our success and bring it to other budding entrepreneurs and small business owners nationwide. With locations spanning from the Pacific Northwest to East Texas, we’re a growing network ready to add more driven business owners to our team.


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning is Required for All Commercial Kitchens

A big part of our business model incorporates the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association. In particular, all commercial kitchens and cafeterias must have kitchen exhaust systems in compliance with NFPA 96. This standard states several expectations by the NFPA on how and when certain cleaning tasks should be done by a trained professional. Grease buildup is a major issue for kitchen exhaust systems and always will be. The longer a commercial kitchen goes without hiring a trained kitchen exhaust cleaning service, the worse the grease accumulation gets. The more grease caked within the ductwork, the higher the fire safety hazard.

This is where we come in. As a qualified kitchen exhaust cleaning vendor, we provide this much needed and required service. The number of local restaurants increases each year, meaning more and more opportunities to offer this service become available. Not only that, but all commercial kitchens are required to get this service on either an annual, semiannual, quarterly or monthly basis to remain compliant.


Scheduled Cleanings Create Returning Customers

The chart to the right outlines how often different types of cooking operations are expected to receive this service. Once you have made a contact and completed a job, you can now schedule future cleanings with this client. If they are not already informed, educate them on the current fire safety codes and how they apply to them. Offer to give them reminders for when they’re due for another cleaning and let them know that your service – both professionally and personally – is unmatched by other competitors in the area. Failing an inspection and possibly being shut down is never a good thing for a kitchen manager or restaurant owner. Show them you can be their partner in ensuring they pass every inspection with flying colors. Bare Metal Standard is a brand that follows through on its promises and we guarantee a passed inspection every time.


Excellent Customer Service and Technical Expertise Creates Business Growth

When you complete a job thoroughly, hang no inaccessible tags anywhere in the system, and leave the customer feeling great about the whole experience, you’ve just turned a customer into a client. Maintaining these relationships will help your kitchen exhaust cleaning business grow over time into a profitable venture. With our proven business model and your entrepreneurial spirit, a Bare Metal Standard franchise can lead to success. Contact us today to get started.