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What is a kitchen exhaust system?
A kitchen exhaust system is used to remove the heat, exhaust, and grease vapor off the cookline and out of the commercial cooking facility. Typically this consists of three parts: the hood, ductwork, and exhaust fan. Read more

Why Buy a Bare Metal Standard Franchise?
  • 50 Years of experience has allowed us to fine tune our process, giving each franchisee the tools for success. Read more.

    • In depth, initial training of the proprietary service process
    • Online and Classroom Training
    • Customized Customer Relationship Management
    • Sales Training & Support
    • Proprietary software allows you to properly schedule your work and review shifts the day after, analyzing job completion and profitability
    • Marketing Training & Support
  • Not only is the support you receive unlike any other franchise model, but you will be provided a unique service to your customer, making it easy to differentiate yourself from your competition. Read more

    • National and regional sales provided by corporate
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Sales/Bidding support
    • AND… the service is unique too

    Our process is proprietary. Bare Metal Standard commits to a whole system cleaning that delivers 98% bare metal.

  • As kids we grew up in a family business, my father’s original hood and exhaust cleaning company. As adults, our original Bare Metal Standard was a family business too — and today we’re proud to have family members and dear friends all working in the business. When you serve with family and all of the people you care about most you figure out what you stand for pretty quick. Around here our values are shared: honesty, open communication, transparency and comprehensive support is what matters most. Here’s why.
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Connect with Jeff Stanley, Franchise Development Director directly at 714-606-3493 or contact us below.


Becoming an associate of BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services is an investment, and we believe it is important to know – up front – the initial costs of starting your business.

Initial Franchise Fee
Equipment & Supplies
Veterans Discount Offered
Total Initial Investment Needed
$159,095 - $245,100
Ongoing Royalty
10% (of Gross Revenue)

**As members of VetFran, a project of the International Franchise Association, BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services is happy to offer veterans and military spouses a $5,000 discount on the initial franchise fee.

frequently asked questions

1How many Bare Metal Standard franchisees are currently operating?
There are ten franchise locations currently operating within the United States. For more information on these locations, please request a copy of our FDD.
2Where are there currently franchise opportunities?
Please contact Jeff Stanley, our Franchise Development Director for available franchise locations at 714-606-3493.
3Can I be a passive owner?
No. To be a successful owner you need to be involved in the day to day operations.
4Do I need previous experience in this industry?
Not at all. It is preferred to have minimal exposure to servicing of kitchen exhaust systems as Bare Metal Standard has a proprietary service process.
5Can I Operate the business out of my home?
No. To own and operate a franchise it is required to have a designated place of business to store the service vehicles, house inventory, and employee workspace.
6How big of a territory do I get?
A territory is based off 1,500 commercial cooking locations, with an additional 1,500 locations that is open territory between franchisees.
7How much does a franchise cost?
A Bare Metal Standard franchise fee is $38,000.
8Initial total start-up cost?
The total investment necessary to begin operation of each Bare Metal Standard business is expected to range from $159,095 to $245,100. Please contact us for a copy of the FDD for more information.
9What are your Royalty fees?
Royalties are 10% of gross revenue and the national advertising fund is 1% of gross revenue. Each is paid monthly.
10What type of support will I receive after the initial training is complete?
You will receive continuous support including, but not limited to: 24/7 technical support, national marketing and sales programs, and access to all additional training on all digital platforms (scheduling software, CRM, and training platform).
11How much money will I make?
Revenues may vary significantly based on many factors. Please reference ITEM 19 in the FDD for more information.
12How can I get a copy of the Bare Metal Standard Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?
Upon completion of a telephone interview, you will be emailed a copy of the Bare Metal Standard FDD.
13Is financing available?
Yes. We have ties with third party affiliates that may provide financing.

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